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Welcome to the GCP Central Registry

The GCP Central Registry aims to provide access to research data produced with the support of the Generation Challenge Programme.

Resources available at the GCP Central Registry
[type of submissions by GCP subprogramme]
Registered datasets 117 55 20 2 28 251
Uploaded files 173 40 9 3 35 270
Datasets web serv. 1 0 0 0 0 1

For help:
Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section (see also top right hand menu) or the GCP Helpdesk: sp4helpdesk@generationcp.org.

NEW: Guidelines for dataset registration and data file upload from the GCP Annual Research Meeting, ARM 2009.

Dataset upload

The GCP partners can register their dataset and upload the files they want to share with the other partners here at the GCP-CR web page. The uploaded files should preferably be in the format described by the GCP [Data Submission Templates]. When your dataset is registered in the Central Registry all GCP partners will be able to search and find your dataset and files. Please see the FAQ page for instructions how to get your username and login.

Dataset download

Not all the GCP datasets described in the Central registry are available or even finalized yet. For some of the described datasets, the research need to be completed and the data collected before the file can be uploaded. The datasets uploaded to the GCP Central Registry will be available for public download. The data provider will decide if download of the file will be granted to the public, or temporarily to the GCP Consortium members only.

Subprogramme Leader Graham McLaren, Mexico,


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